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Monday, August 21 2017
Your first day in your new job - what to expect!

Congratulations, you have secured the job, thought the hard part was over - now comes your first day.  What to expect?  Whether it's the first day of school, or first day in new job, the fear is the same, will they like me, what are the groups, will I embarrass myself by not knowing the things to do.  Stay calm, we are here to help....  Follow these top 7 tips

1.  Ask who you report to and the time to turn up, before your start

2. Do a test drive, or public transport dry run to work, to work out your timing / parking

3. Take a packed lunch, just in case.  Make it non refrigerated as you may take a while to learn about the staff room

4. Take your own cup - you don't want to annoy the office grump when you accidently take their cup

5. Speaking of the office grump, the first person to make friends is generally the office outsider or gossiper, tread carefully.

6. Do your research on LinkedIn, to see who your peers are

7. Keep controversial topic out of conversation, i.e. Religion, Politics and your membership to your local swing club.

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